Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What to wear: the only four suits you need

Men need to dress better. And there's really no excuse because it's just so easy: put on a suit.

It's almost like "The Suit" was designed for men.

Seriously, imagine a well-dressed man and tell me what he's wearing. You know it's a suit.

As mentioned in the previous post, you only need four suits, so shop accordingly. Here they are.

The Fab Four

1. The Standard Blue: Great for business, lunches, New York Mayors, summer dinners, or casual parties. Can be worn with black or brown shoes, even white if you’re daring. Reflects well by a pool. Standard blue means navy, with no room for paler shades, even if you went to UNC.

2. The Classic Gray: Appropriate for everything and even makes a red-head look dandy. Grays also are the best with patterns, especially anything in the chevron family. Start with plain, move to window-pane. Even such, the gray is never controversial. It’s the Switzerland of suits.

The Basic Black: Our favorite and the perennial classic, it’s a fit at the Oscars or your sister’s wedding, the perfect complement to a good white shirt, beloved by gangsters, designers, and undertakers (those jobs with the highest doses of fashion-conscious aptitudes; respectively, aggression, vanity, and wisdom). If you only own one suit, this is it. You can even be buried in it.

4. Any of the above, with pinstripes.

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